Friday, 20 June 2008

first blood has been drawn.

Pretty uneventfull riding so far, just motorway miles mostly and the odd A road where the motorway hasnt been built

It is offical. M first accident happend today. Thats right, a god damn papercut. It hurt too!

Cant upload pictures because this PC has now USB and the keyboard is all messed up too so sorry for any spelling mistakes! In Zuich at the moment after spending a cold night just outside Reims the weather here is amazing and I am camping right on Lake Zurich.

Having a bit of trouble getting my mobile to charge from the cigarette lighter socket I had installed. For some reason it outright refuses to work even though it only needs a direct 12v feed into it. Stupid phone. Both my batteries are dead now! Camera battery is running low too but that isnt quite so essential at the moment

Just spending time sitting bzy the lake reading and wondering around town. "fanzone" is here for Euro 2008 so half the roads are closed. Makes getting lost very easy but I have been up into the surrounding mountains for a blast on the bike without the panniers weighing it down and the roads are great and the views even better.

My hayfever seems to be going too although my eyes are watering alot but the sun dries them pretty damn quick. Dont know what the temperature is but it is pretty hot. Dunno how I will survive in India!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie, Really pleased that you've got your papers sorted and that you're on your way on this great adventure. Don't worry about the typo's, they add a bit of carachter. Those 12v connectors sometimes have an internal fuse. Anyway, safe riding, and enjoy and record each day. Get a stamp in your ppt for each country! Doug and Lesley.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie, glad to hear your on your way! Camping on Lake Zurich, just googled the location, nice!

Bummer about the cigarette charger not working... you still using your phone as a Sat Nav?

You going to travel over those autobahns i've head so much about?

Computers without USB ports, only in Germany huh!

Unknown said...

Hey Doug and Lesley and Anonymous (you really need to sign your name at the bottom of a post)

The Italians refused to stamp my passport which I thought was a bit mean but who cares about Italy anyway? Im just outside Pisa now and it is absolutly boiling, 34 degrees!

Ive given up on the phone all together now. Bought a new MP3 player instead that runs on batteries. As far as navigation goes I am back to the good old fashioned map and a bit of guesswork. To eb honest the GPS would be useless once I get outside of Europe anyway so I am getting some practise in!

As for the autobahns, lets just say that after a very short time 130mph on a motorway gets very boring as does watching your fuel gauge go down. 80mph seems to be my prefered speed at the moment!

Cath up later,

Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie, glad you made it safely to Pisa. Please don't have your photo taken pretending to hold the tower's just sooooh uncool!I can't sort out your credit card payments because you didn't get a form for me to sign for authority. Guess I'll just have to keep up the minimum payments and present you with a bill when you get back so don't go bashing the plastic too much!! ...and I know you really want the world wide web to know all about that!! Sorry, it's a Mum thing, I can't help myself. Travel safely, enjoy hugely and buy batteries for your camera. Love you to bits. Mum x

Anonymous said...

hey ollie
hows the trip, we came second in the quiz last week trying to beat that this week. sully is the same as usual nothing too fun going on. same old same old. hows the trip going? where have you gotten to now? seen anything crazy/ cool. keep us posted and be careful on the autobahn. nice one mate. dave