Thursday, 26 June 2008

From Pisa to Rome without tolls

Well they finally did it, they pissed me off charing me for tolls than for petrol so I decided to get from Pisa to Rome without using the toll roads. Did I get lost? yes! Did it take me twice as long as it would have using the toll roads? Yes! Were the roads full of potholes? Yes! Did I pay a single toll? HELL NO! The road I took was the SS1 and it is basically a costal road all the way south to Rome. I cant tell you how infuriating it is to travel for 6 hours in blistering heat with the cool seas of the med within a short jump. It is so hot that when I open my visor the wind hitting my face is hotter than if I keep the visor closed. Ive taken to riding without my jacket on, means I am getting an awesome tan on my arms and face. Might have to ride without the t-shirt to keep it even!

Arrived in Rome at about 4pm (without paying tolls) and found the hostel pretty quickly. Some guy gave me a free banana and kept on calling me champion. I think it was the only English word he knew. Everyone has been really friendly and helpful. Without GPS it is definately a good idea to ask directions. My map only shows motorways and "international" roads whatever they are.

Going to spend 3 days in Rome now before heading to Pescara and then crossing to Croatia.

ps. It is really scary arriving in a hostel by yourself. My immediate worry is that I wont meet anyone and I will spend the next few days sitting in silence. In times like that, when you are by yourself your mind really wanders. You start thinking stuff like "what if the whole trip is like this?" "can I cope with my own company for that long?" and then you hear someone speaking English and you introduce yourself. All those doubts disappear as you exchange stories and drink the night away!

A drink to random people and their random stories! If nothing else they are an excuse to get drunk but in reality they add to your story and you to theirs. There is great comradeship amongst travellers and it is something to savor!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ol. Can you read my email re Uni student status. It needs dealing with asap. have a great time in Rome. Love Mum x