Tuesday, 3 June 2008

One week to go!

First things first, can people please stop asking me where I am going. I was at a funeral the other day (RIP Chris) and everyone knew what I was doing and generally asked the same questons so here are the answers

Where are you going?
THERE ARE 195 COUNTRIES ON THIS PLANET AND I INTEND TO VISIT ALOT OF THEM. If I start listing them you're going to get bored after about 5!

so where are you going first?

ok so I like that people are interested or maybe they are just being polite but seriously after having answered these 2 questions about 20 times in one day I was a little bored!

aaaanyway, rant over, had my first set of vaccinations yesterday from a very nice nurse who scared the crap out of me by describing how the diseases I could get will kill me. (Detailed pictures of the Malaria virus bursting out of blood cells are not nice!) All my paperwork is basically sorted. Just waiting on some to come in the post now. Hopefully it will arrive before I leave.

I'm really ready to go now. The preparation stages for this trip are basically about preparing for the worst. Which means I have spent days looking at different ways I could die and different ways I could end up in jail. It is really depressing reading. Once I am on the road hopefully I will forget all this stuff.

A slightly worrying side note: riding back from London yesterday I had to stop every 50 miles because the seat was making my arse hurt!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie, it's Rich from Hendre, so let me ask you, where are you going first, lol!

One week to go eh, bet you can't wait to hit the road and make a start. I hope the imation Leatherman I gave you comes in handy, I suppose you could use it to fend of some pikey that tries to steal your shoes as you sleep at the side of the road :-).

Seriously, all the best mate, look after yourself and safe driving. Look forward to reading your posts in the months to come.

Anonymous said...

Hey Oliver where are you -Lance looking forward to traveling along with you via the computer.My prayers are with you and your front tire.Hope you made it to cannon beach.