Monday, 28 July 2008

I didnt do it!

I swear by the life of Barry that I was nowhere near the site of the explosions at any time in the past two weeks and I have witnesses to prove it.

Just thought I'd let everyone know I am ok, I really was miles away getting happily drunk and oblivious to it until everyone in the hostel started calling home saying they were ok. It is strange, when we were hit in the UK everyone was talking about it but here it seems that people refuse to even acknowledge that it happened. Maybe that is an attitude we should have in the UK, ignore them and eventually they'll go away!


Aileen said...

Hi Oli! Glad you haven't been blown up. Keep up the good work! Sully misses you! Hope your having the best time! love from Aileen. x x x

Unknown said...

Hey A, yeah I am having a great time. The days tend to drag a little at the moment and I am getting a lot of reading done as there is nothing else to do but the nights are worth the wait!

Hows life in Sully? I havent heard any news on how the quiz is going! I was expecting victory after victory after I left.

You looking forward to Uni? Its not long now is it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie,

It's good to know that your safe, free, and in good spirits!

Assuming that all the visas are in place, I guess you'll soon be embarking on the next episode of this great adventure.

Naturally, we're all looking forward to hearing about the cultures and civilisations that you're about to experience. But Middle East has sensitivities and traditions that are unfamiliar to us. Take local advice, and respect those sensitivities. Be cautious about who and what you photograph, and what, if anything, you post on the blog... for first part of your journey anyway.

Prepare a travel itinerary, and let the people that matter know where you are, where you're going be, and when you've arrived. And during travels through any hot desert regions, carry plenty of water (not easy on a bike!), just in case. But above all, stay in contact with those that are close to you.

A great new world of experiences awaits you Ollie. Take care, be aware, and safe riding. Very best wishes.

Doug and Lesley

Unknown said...

Doug, I dont intend to be rude but I dont really know how else to put this.

You are being very patronising in your posts. I know other countries have different cultures and different ideas of right and wrong. Guess what? Thats why I am going to see them!

When travelling through hot deserts carry water? I suppose I should wrap up warm when I am travelling in cold regions too?

I know you are just trying to look out for me but I know this stuff. I have read the books, watched the DVDs and sought advice from other people who have done this before me.


Anonymous said...

No patronising intended.

Best wishes
Doug and Lesley

Aileen said...

Hey there! we had a quiz victory this week! Me, Ceri and Bryn beat 2 other teams to claim the prize! Sully is the same old same old. We're taking an excursion into town for the big weekend, which is nearly as risky as crossing Iran, but not quite. Not thought that much about uni. It's all sorted now, so i just have to show up! I'm nervous and excited! About 6 weeks to go! also quiz duck has a girlfriend. That's all the news i can think of! stay Oli. love Aileen. x x x p.s. i have abandoned grammar.

Unknown said...

Quiz duck has a girlfriend? But what about Barry? I thought they would make the perfect gay, interacial couple! Grats on the win though, thats 2 wins in 1 year a definate record of some kind!

The big weekend is definately more dangerous than Iran. Irans going to be like a big fluffy cloud! In all honesty I have spoken to people who have been and they say the Iranian people are the friendliest they have ever met!


ps Turning up is half the battle, both me and Mike can bouth testify to that.

pps Grammer is overrated anyway!