Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I have learnt the meaning of another phrase

"bored shitless"

It is to be so bored that going for a shit actually seems like something interesting to do. It is the last of the desperate measures we take to feel occupied. Once you have releived yourself of that measure then you litterally have nothing left and so you are bored shitless!

Thats what staring at the sterile white walls of the british embassy waiting room will do to you. I have been in and out of that building so many times that the security guards know me and smile sympathetically as I walk up. Even stopped searching me for weapons or at least they dont quite do a full pat down anymore!

Visas are basically sorted now. My Indian visa is a probable yes, just have to wait on paperwork. The Pakistani visa I will have to sort out when I get to Tehran and it will be a transit visa not a tourist visa. I wasnt planning on spending long there so 10 days is fine for me! the Iranian visa is another probable yes. I need to go in for a "short" interview and to get the paperwork again.

The Indian visa is the problem, not if I will get it but how long it will take. If I can get moving within a week I will be happy. I can then take my time going down and around the south coast of Turkey rather than rushing through on the motorways to make sure I meet up with the other bikers!

Did I mention I was writting a book? Now seems like a good a time as any to start one. I have rewritten the prologue about 5 times now. I personally think it is really good not that I plan on letting anyone read it. I dont really know the ending. Dont want to spoil it for myself! It's pretty fun making up a story as you go along not quite knowing where it is going or why.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie,

Sad to hear that you're being put through the wringer... but it's par for the course in the Middle East unfortunately. And such a contrast to the highs of last week. Stay coool!

Trust it all works out as you've planned. Take care.

Doug and Lesley

Anonymous said...

Hi Ol

Wow! I'm so impressed with how you're doing! Such amazing experiences, even if some of them not so enjoyable....

I got that internship, so leaving work for 3 months... hopefully doing it on a 'career break' but still scary.

Hope all works out with visas - sure will be fine, and sounds like your doing brilliantly at handling some of the more tricky things!

Will x

Anonymous said...

Just started reading your blog. Glad you're writing a book. Just be sure to use the spell check function! (Just a bad little joke) Be safe and send more pictures.

Anonymous said...

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