Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Just some photos in this one

My first campsite just outside Reimes in France

Mine and Barrys first sunset

Notre Dame Cathedral (stumbled across it by accident)

Some cool classic bikes in Zurich

View from my campsite in Zurich

Pushing over the tower because apparently holding it up is uncool...

What I am going to do to someone that says pushing the tower over is also uncool. Actually a statue in the Vatican museum.

Bet ya cant guess what this is

And another of the coliseum to prove I was there and not actually waiting to go onto BB!

and I dont know what this is but I am looking very thoughtful in it. It is in Rome again!

Tivel fountain in Rome. This was a really nice place to sit and relax in the shade while the rest of Rome boiled

The Vatican. I dont know what to say really. It didnt have any religious feelings for me but I was overwhelmed by the sheer size and beauty of it. I can understand why thousands flock there to catch a glimpse of the Pope. It definately has a sort of power to it but if it is of state or of God is another matter.

Some Spanish guys on the crossing with me from Pescara to Havar 4CATS Llancavor (I spelt that wrong) was their riding name. You cant see the fourth cat in this picture so it doesnt make much sense.

Thats it for now. I will upload the whole album at some point but with no comments. Too many photos. You can play guess the city or something.


Anonymous said...

Wow oli the pics are amazing, laughed my socks off at the ones of Barry, god you two sound like your having the most amazing time. Plus Aileen has set Barry's group up she has invited you i'm sure, also I have already added Barrys pics so far for ya.

Not much going on here suprise, suprise. I have just got back from my hols, had the most amazing time in Turkey even thinking about going back in September. So jealous of you being away suffering from the holiday blues big time, being home sucks.

Well keep it real hun and and most importantly safe. Everyones missin you and asking after you, so really looking forward to hearing about the next part of Oli and Barry's big adventure.

Love Ceri-Anne

P.S Quiz Duck says Quak

fanboy said...

Please don’t think that I have not been visiting the site much because this is my first post. I check here daily!

Loving the pictures, especially the ones of Barry. I forgot who Barry was for a bit and thought you hooked up with some guy, but you’re not in Thailand yet!

All is good this end, starting to get used to 8-5. Oh, and I have a car! A 04 Focus but will part-ex for Ferrari before you are back.

Hope all is well your end...Keep updating us

Anonymous said...

Talk about the leaning tower of Pisa... Notre Dame Cathedral is on the wonk big time. I'm sure it used to be vertical... Keep up the good work and keep us up to date with the REAL geographical alignment of all those famous landmarks...

Unknown said...

Hey mike,
glad to hear your getting used to working. It's fun isn't it! Gotta say I dont miss it one little bit. Arrived in Belgrade (Beograd) after a 7 hour ride again through single carriageway roads which turned into a motorway about 3 miles from the city AND THEY CHARGED ME TOLLS! Bastards!

Had a bit of trouble at the border crossing, green card again! Wanted to charge me 85 Euros but after about an hour of me saying I only have 10 on me or US Dollars they gave up and sent me on my way! Didnt get a passport stamp so I may not be able to leave the country!

Yay for borders! They cause wars and make my life difficult!

Will probably give ya a bell tomorrow!

catherine said...

Hiya olli!

how are you doing? the pictures looked amazing!! Katy said you were very naughty for pushing over the tower! i would have written sooner but only just found out this site existed! hope your having fun, looks like you are! Nothing happening here, still same old boring Sully, fun fun!!

Take care and give us a ring soon!!

Love Cath

Unknown said...

Hey Cath and Katy. Yeah I am pretty naughty huh, probably shouldnt tell her about the drug incident or Katy will never talk to me again!

Theres gotta be something going on in Sully. I'm paranoid and thinking that you've all been having one big party since I left.