Monday, 21 July 2008

Last week

Ok so in a previous post I mentioned I met some people I was planning on meeting again in Istanbul. Well I did meet them and one of them was the most amazing girl I have ever met. She is smart, funny, beautiful, caring and she loves life. I literally spent every waking minute with her shopping, sightseeing, eating, drinking... quite alot of drinking actually. We acted like we were on holiday rather than travelling. Spent too much, kept the locals up until sunrise, generally caused problems you know the usual things us brits do on holiday and I loved everty minute of it.

But I have a problem now. You see, I have to stay here for 2 weeks now at least while I wait for visas and when Harriet left what made this city beautiful left with her. It is sickeningly ironic that I had to go all the way to Serbia to meet someone so special who actually lives less than 2 hours away from me in the UK.

Whats worse? Every step of this trip, which I have planned and dreamed about for so many years, takes me further away from her. I think I know what "the other side of the world" means now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ollie

so glad you've met someone special. For more, see email

Love as ever


Unknown said...

Just been told I cant get a Pakistan visa while I am in Istanbul...

What the hell am I supposed to say to that? I just paid the Brıtısh Embassy 70 pounds for a recommendatıon letter.

I hate embassys. Goıng to camp outsıde theır offıce untıl they let me ın!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ollie. What's that all about? Is there anything we can do from here?

Unknown said...

I dunno to be honest, I havent been able to fınd the embassy so I have only spoken on the phone.

I wıll fınd ıt today and start askıng questıons.

Thıng ıs, ıf I cant go through pakıstan I cant go to ıran as ıt ıs ımpossıble to fly the bıke from Iran to Indıa but then you wıll probably be glad to hear that :-P

I wıll fınd out today for sure!