Saturday, 30 August 2008

Iran day 13

Been in Iran for 13 days now and in Tehran for 6. My Pakistan visa has been a pain in the butt as per usual but it is going to arrive tomorrow (honest guv) and I am heading down to Esfahan and then Shiraz to meet up with Graham and Andy even though they already replaced me with 2 other riders I forgive them. So I will be meeting Tino and Andy in Shiraz as well.

Tehran is ok as far as cities go. It isnt what I would call a "must see" destination But the people as always have been fantastic. I may have mentioned in a comment that I am staying with a family here in Tehran who I bumped into completely by chance (But I guess that is true of most people I meet) I stopped to ask directions to a hotel and they straight up invited me into their home. Didnt even ask how long I would be staying. Even got me to ride my bike into the house.

So yeah just been relaxing, doing alot of that recently and I quite like it. Got myself sorted for the next leg of the trip. I got at least 2 months now before I make anymore visa applications. and the bike has about 6k miles in it before it needs a service! All is good!

Ramadam starts on Monday which is going to make things awkward. It is strictly followed and although I dont have to follow it I cant eat or drink in public as it would be disrespectful. The no drinking will be a struggle in the 40 degree heat!

Oh and by the way, Iran has its own big ass firewall. Blocks Facebook as well as most proxy sites. I have been able to find a partial workaround but basically can only view facebook. Cant send messages or accept invitiations most of the time. Poking works though! :-D

Pakistan in two weeks! Thats when things start to get scary!


Anonymous said...

Hey Babe
Glad everything is going to plan but I'm still worried about you going through Pakistan. It's very dangerous there at the moment. Just keep your head down and try to be Ewan impressions!

I'm glad to hear you are being sensitive about the culture in Iran. I would fast in support of your efforts but the weather is nice here today and it's just too good not to eat in public!!

We got back from Budapest on Wednesday. We had a great time. It's a spectacular city as I'm sure your remember. Can I post photos on here or is it only you that can do it?

Aunty Barbara and I are off to Cyprus on 7th Sept. Hope to speak to you before then????

Pete says "Hi..keep out of the way of monsoons" Keep your bike dry. Catch ups oon.

Love you loads. Take care. Mum XXX

Anonymous said...

Hi Ol

Really good to hear you're having such an amazing time! All sounds incredibly exciting!

All very boring here in comparison. Finishing work in 2 weeks to start working for the NGO. Time to take a leap, and I'm getting excited/nervous.

Wishing you loads of luck and fun to come! Know that you've got it all sorted, but keep safe.