Monday, 7 March 2011

Just an update

Not much to report but in the spirit of regular blogging here is an update.

So I told you that my ride was booked to reach Vancouver and if everything had gone to plan I would be there now. Instead I received an email a day before we were going to ship the bike which said "we suspect a 90-95% chance your bike would receive moderate to serious damage during transport. It is unlikely it would be ridable at the delivery destination"

Errr wot???? So as you can imagine this option was very quickly removed from the table. Fortunately I made a few posts on requesting assistance and someone got in touch. Big ups to David from Edmonton who has saved me from the pits of despair. He has a 1 ton truck and is heading West to Vancouver on Tuesday the 8th. Spoken to David a couple of times since he contacted me and we are going to load the bike on Tuesday morning and plan to be in Vancouver by the evening. He's even offered to help with accommodation in Vancouver. Brilliant!

In other bike related news everything is ready to go, I even have a new tank bag from Al which is going to be a God send further down the road allowing me to keep a map in full view and other essential stuff close to hand. Also made one or two big ticket purchases including a GoPro helmet cam and some diving equipment. As you can probably tell I am very much ready to go now and have been for a while. Once in Vancouver I really don't care if it is raining.

So, if you happen to be reading this from somewhere along the West Coast, keep an eye out for a grinning, soaking wet Welshman heading south.

Bryn Rhys and guess who? My cousins and I for the
obligatory family photo
ps. Checkout the new map on the right. The old one was a bit bloated so this one will be purely for this leg of the trip.

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Mum said...

Aw....look at you lot. It's so good to see you touching base with your cousins for the first time in so many years. the last time you met I recall much time spent fishing for little crabs in a bucket off Sully beach. From what I can gather there was much time spent catching hangovers this time!Thank you to my brother Alan, Ann,Rhys and Bryn for looking after my boy and his bike.
Safe journey to you Oliver. God bless. Love Mum xxx